BOF Refractory Gunning Manipulator – Shooter

Equipment specially designed for Gunning in BOF Converters. Diesel powered, fully operated by wireless remote control
Very robust equipment and, featuring several solutions designed during years of field experience, always focusing on operational safety and fail prevention, such as:

- Alarm system that indicated when the water level is low, that avoid the water supplying end during applications, preventing damages to the lance;

- Full remote control;

- Also can be fully operated from its hydraulic control panel what ensure the operational safety in case of any electrical fail, that may occur in the very aggressive steel plant environment;

- The equipment is mounted over a Hyster forklift car that is a robust equipment (widely used in mining) and of easy maintenance)

- Telescopic Gunning Lance with 13,5 meters range;

- Cooling System composed by Water Tank, Heat Exchanger, and Water Pump;

- Level control of mix water pump that prevents water fail during refractory gunning;

- Onboard Oil filter Type Guardian that filters the hydraulic oil constantly during the operation, increasing hydraulic components lifetime;

Redundant Wireless remote controlling system that increases the operational system

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