Ladle Gunning Manipulator

Equipment specially designed for Hot Gunning in Ladles and RH Degasser. It can be mounted horizontally (over a rail car system or a steady platform) or vertically (on a Tilting Arm or Steady Platform), depending on the customer needs. Working together with an Automatic Gunning Machine the gunning manipulator allows to the operator performs the gunning on both directions (front and side), also turning the lance 360º endless range. All its operation is made by a wireless remote control and its directional gunning nozzle (under consult), allows changing the gunning direction (from front to side and vice versa) remotely.

- Reliable water flow control, that grants a better refractory properties;

- Shorter gunning times, increasing the availability for steel production;

- Easy to use;

- Accurate application of gunning mix;

- Reduced physical strain on operational personnel

- Wireless remote control, that controls the Gunning manipulator and the Gunning Machine (when possible);

- Gunning Lance movements and speed fully remote controlled, 360º rotation and translation movement. The length of the lance is designed under consult for adapting to the customer needs;

- Water flow controlled by a geared pump.

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