Slurry Machine for work lining repair in Tundish

Machine developed for both lining and hot repairing of the tundish. It Silo shall be fed with dry slurry (Spray) mix in big-bags. The material downs from silo through a controlling valve and goes to a transport screw that leads the material to the mixer, where it is mixed with water on the amount adjusted by the operator. After mixed with water the material falls down inside a rotor/stator pump system that pumps the material to a Spray nozzle. On the nozzle, the operator can start/stop the spray/slurry operation, as well regulate the air amount. The machine can be operated both in manual or automatic mode.

- Spray Capacity: Approx. 30 kg/ min

- Dimensions: 3.500 x 1.700 x 4.800 mm

- Machine Weight: 1.500 Kg

- Precise application of slurry mix to tundish;

- Dust-free processing of slurry mix;

- BIG BAG charging;

- Easy to use;

- Stable frame design;

- Quick pump changing system;

- Transportable by crane or forklift

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