Skimming Machines

Skimming machines are used worldwide in large steel factories. In order to ensure a smooth flow of processes in the steelworks, the skimming machines used must be extremely robust, durable, and of high quality. For years, Holtmann has been providing steelworks with high-quality machines for skimming the melt. Also in crude iron factories, our flexible skimming machines, which can be configured for the respective working environment, are effectively used. A special feature of the design of our high-quality Holtmann skimming machines is the modular construction of the individual components. This enables the user in the steelworks to precisely adapt the machine to the working environment. Such an approach optimises work flows, saves time and costs, and makes a significant contribution to the profitability of the steelworks. International customers appreciate these advantages of our state-of-the-art skimming machines. 

Save time and money with flexible and robust skimming machines

In every steelwork, the skimming process must be carried out with care in order to obtain the purest material possible without loss. The non-metallic solidified residues resulting from the melting process – the slags – must be removed from the melt in a technically precise manner. For economic success, it is important to minimise the loss of recyclable raw material whilst saving time and thus money during the skimming process. Holtmann’s state-of-the-art skimming machines are technically advanced and efficient. They guarantee the optimal yield of crude steel during the melting process. Even in the case of larger ranges in the work environment, Holtmann’s skimming machines can be used reliably and in a solution-oriented manner. In addition to stationary work, mobile skimming is possible. Whether with or without parallel stroke, stationary, hanging, or mobile, our technically versatile skimming machines can be individually adapted to every requirement and working environment. All components of the machine – from electrical to hydraulic to mechanical – can be optimally adapted to the needs of the respective metallurgical plant. Thanks to their modular design and robust quality, the compact skimming machines from Holtmann make a significant contribution to reducing maintenance and operation costs in the steel mill

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